Love Sex Dating Discussion Panel

Saturday, April 23, 2022, 5pm-7pm

Join in on the discussion about Love, Sex, and Dating. This open discussion will be led by a panel and driven by your questions and input. Submit relationship scenarios to get others to chime in or just find out what people are talking about. Connect with this event in person or online. Topics include sex, marriage, dating, poly life, and more. A full bar will be open for drinks and food, and networking activities, games, and giveaways are included.

Event Details

  • No cover charge but free ticket required. Admission includes a comedy show after the event. (There was some confusion with our previous event but a comedy show IS INCLUDED with this event.)

    VIP Available includes: Reservation for VIP Booth seating, Complementary appetizers, 2 glasses of Champagne, Gift Bag, Admission to Discussion Panel Event and Comedy Show, First Access to All Activities and Games, and Free Raffle tickets for any paid raffle prizes. Your table will be marked reserved, but this booth and service will be open to other VIP ticket holders at your table. This is a great way to meet new people.

    Submit your dating and relationship questions and comments to or before the event. When submitting screenshots, mark out the name and phone number.

    Tickets available at


    DJones has a podcast titled "If this Mic Could Talk" with real and opinionated topics.

    IG: djonesmicdup (personal) ifthismiccouldtalk (show)

    FB: DJones BKin

    Dr. Margo is a licensed professional counselor with a basis on mindfulness. She works with Adults, Public Figures and High Profile Clients, Couples, Adolescents, and Early Childhood. Services available in Spanish.

    Dr. Nancy is a relationship and sexuality coach. She is also the creator of the San Antonio Polyamorous group on for socialization. , 210-913-2110 for relationship and sexuality coaching

    Damian "Mavriq" Chandler has a podcast titled "Socially Irspnsbl" and enjoys non-traditional views on many topics.

    Erica Powers is an Event Planner and Real Estate Coach.

    All Social Media: TheEricaPowers

    Upstage Comedy Lounge is a comedy lounge and event venue, available for comedy shows, writing workshops, and private parties.


    Online streaming ticket holders will be eligible for any online raffle drawings. Online streaming tickets are available for free. This event will be streamed live at the following links:

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Plan to LIVE Life, or it will keep passing you by. 

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Past Love Sex Dating Discussion Panel Attendees

Audience Participant

Feb 15, 9:36 PM

"I just wish it was Longer or make a pt.2 "

Teri L.

Feb 16, 12:59 PM

"I really enjoyed the event and look forward to your next event. "

Audience Participant

Feb 15, 12:22 PM 

" It was a really good reality check that can only help me in any of my classes I teach in the future. "

Audience Participant

Feb 15, 12:49 PM

"I really enjoyed the event. I learned a-lot of things and some things were brought up that I knew nothing about. I would suggest reminding the panelists to bring business cards. Also less two part questions cause not all of them were able to be addressed. Other than that I really enjoyed it and can't wait to attend another one. Thank you"