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With over ten years of event planning experience, we know how to make your event one to remember. We specialize in Signature Events, travel packages, and group services that you can join or customize to deliver a great experience. Check out our portfolio to see memories from our past events.

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From corporate event functions to birthday parties, events for children and adults, traveling and events at home, we help you find the plans and environment that works for you. Choose one of our packages and contact us to talk about your many options.

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Erica Nunn

Event Specialist/Chief Travel Officer for A Lady UnWaiting

After designing and hosting fun filled events for over a decade, Erica Nunn has now launched her collection of Signature events. As a mom of 5 child actors, Erica has a passion for letting women know they can still have it all. She is a lady not waiting for fun, travel, business goals, or love, because while planning fun filled events, she balances work, play, and family. Her real life experiences traveling alone, with friends, and with family gives her an edge on knowing how and when to find deals, and when to pull out all the stops for an amazing getaway. Through personal and corporate avenues, she has continued to find herself in a position of planning events to create opportunities for fun, wonderment, and connections.

Erica is the Chief Travel Officer and owner of A Lady UnWaiting Travel Agency based out of San Antonio, TX.

I have always received great joy in watching other people have a great time. Even when I don't understand the language or the dance, I still can't help but smile at the sight of other people connecting in a happy and fun way, so I really take heart in creating opportunities for fun. It's what I love to do! 

Ronnie Whyman Alexander

Life Coach, Perspective Guide, Event Emcee

Ronnie's experience with coaching others to a better perspective is a great addition to our team, especially in the area of corporate functions and team building exercises. He is passionate about bridging the gap between employers and employees, leading to a more fun and productive environment for all. These, coupled with his experience as a stand-up comedian made for a light-hearted good time.


Linda S.

7/29/20 7:10 PM

"Hi Erica!!! Thank you so much for always thinking of me for your events! I love how you are always creating ways for people/women to connect and live life to the full!!!!"

Dawn D.

7/31/20 4:22 PM

"It was a fabulous time. I enjoyed myself. Made some contacts."

Patricia M. K.

October 5, 2019

"I'm in the medical field that has required me to take continuing education classes over the last 30 years. This is BY FAR the best continuing education class I have ever attended. As a baby boomer, it helped to catapult me to understanding modern day technology and up to date terminology so I can keep up with others in conversation and the workplace. Now I understand new questions to ask about what I want to research. My confidence level changed on a scale of 1 to 10, as far as technology, social media, and business structure. I feel like I walked in as a 3 and after the retreat I feel like I am at least a 7.5. The information was so valuable that I received this weekend that I actually requested Erica to come to my city and host a Workcation in my own home because I decided to sponsor a group of young people to share this information with, and she agreed!


Pamela O.

October 8, 2019

"As I started to prepare for my busy day. I took a few minutes to reflect on this past weekend. I attended Women's Workcation in New Orleans. This was an AMAZING event. The host was very knowledgeable and presented an agenda that I felt was designed just for me. We learned. We worked. We relaxed. WOW! I came home with so many practical nuggets that I have already begun to implement. If you are on the fence about attending one of these Workcation events, jump in. It will not disappoint. "

Gwen O.

October 5, 2019

"I have just completed the most unique, professional, life transforming seminar I have ever attended in my 25 year professional career! The information I received at this Workcation was extremely informative and valuable. It will provide a solid foundation for my future professional path. The venue was personable, comfortable, and inviting, and nourishing to my psyche. I did not feel intimidated about asking questions. The presenter was very courteous about stopping to explain items and providing hands on instruction. This Workcation was awesome! I have already reserved my space for the next event. 😃 "